A Note To The Band-Aids…

By Tanya

A note to the band-aids:

You came, you saw, you conquered.! Ouch!

I hope you know the meaning of band-aids. Band-aid is a synonym for temporary. I guess I have understood the meaning of "nothing lasts forever". 21, single, hopeless and little bit dumb, I wonder why you have to let go not only of things but people too.

A note to the band-aids

This is an open note to the band-aids I have come across. Thank you for being there when I thought love has left my side. Thank you for being there when I thought I am not beautiful enough.

Thank you for being there when I wanted to talk late night. But a big thank you for leaving my side when I thought you would last forever when I thought this band-aid would turn into a surgery.

I know this very well that band-aids don't fix bullet holes, but I also know that band-aids leave scars too. But that scar is just a tan line that recovers within the flow of time.

Don't you think a sudden prick is better than a band-aid?

How about sitting on a garden bench with a random stranger beside you? You don't know his/her name, he/she doesn't know your name. You just pour out your heart about the band-aids and life and all the shit that you have been going through and then bid a bye to the stranger with the feeling of never meeting again? Yes, I feel that this feeling is going to be incredible and I wish to feel this someday.

I knew I have grown up much when I realized the tan lines from the band-aids do not itch me anymore. From lying to my parents for a guy who lied to me and went miles away after being together for years to share my clothes with the people, I have just known for a couple of days, I have experienced all kinds of band-aids. From getting mad over donuts brought all the way from South Africa to dating a guy from a dating site..they all proved out to be a band-aid.

Injections don't scare me anymore but attachments do.

Bursting pimples don't hurt me anymore but bursting the bubble of hope does.

Falling down doesn't make me cry anymore but falling for band-aids do.

Change is the rule of nature. Have you heard about soul mates? I guess some band-aids turn out to be soul mates. You don't have any relationship with them, neither just friends, nor a boyfriend or a girlfriend, neither a hookup nor a fling, nothing. They are just soul mates. You get addicted to them. The more you talk to them, the better you become, the more addicted you get. That's a ray of hope, maybe a temporary happiness.
All band-aids are not same. If some come with the tears of pain, so some come with the tears of joy.
Band-aids are everywhere. Your favorite "pani-puri" guy is also a band-aid. For years, he serves you"pani-puris" and one day he vanishes and shifts to another location. With the pace of time, your taste buds forget the taste of how exquisite does his "pani-puri" used to taste like.

Tan lines are just like memories. The more you think about them, the more will they hurt you and with the pace of time, they also fade away. Slowly and harshly, but they do.

Band-aids don't make you a weaker person, rather they say, 'hey wake up.! I am leaving. You have to learn to live without me and be strong.' And then you have to smirk and say, "You came, you saw and you conquered.! but now it's my turn to show that so what if band-aids don't fix bullet holes, they allow you to take bullets right there in your heart."

Take that bullet in your heart and don't wait for a band-aid to heal that.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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