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    A Letter To The Lover: In The Days Of Loneliness, Memories Were With Me

    By Soham Senapati 

    This is a letter to the lover who made me dream of, "happily ever after".

    "Let me be by your side as a shadow, walking alongside" - A Mixed Nerve

    The uncharming piece of my history was the day you left the door open and without a letter or a text, you left, unsaid.

    In these days of loneliness, all I have is your memories that once were our possession. Remembering history as it was, you are the biggest part of my past. Learning to cope up without you, the memories are the ones that help me through.

    letter to the lover

    Let me have you as a piece of desire, or in the form of an art, but something physical, for I'm done walking the same path with memories walking as a shadow and not you, infact.

    Let me have you, for I crave to be with my life once more.


    You had asked to be with me in my transition because you said you knew how it feels like when every direction feels wrong and every decision is hard to make. You had helped me in my time of need and I want you to know that I need you now more than ever.
    You had told me, you wanted to be with me as the stars and moon. But now I see no stars, no moon but an emptiness which was created by you.


    This journey from start was a merry one but what happened later was a saddening affair. You and I, we both were true, making love in the woods, creating magic in our moods.

    I still remember those days of endless talks, the late-night dinner, reading books by the chimney, etc.

    Now it's just me coping with my wild with memories as I lie on the bed of misery.


    When we fight, it is too far and wide, to have a sight, of the reason why we fight, in the late hours of the night, where all we had was us and the fire as light.

    Our mess had become too big to handle for both of us, yet we kept trying and trying to resolve the issues and make the happy ride till the end or the finish line.

    Tore Apart:-

    I know it was far and far for you to understand that the only pleasure I had was having you by my side. The fact of you leaving, tore my life apart.
    I realized even shadow could walk on its own and become invisible in dark.

    Piece Of You:-

    The only piece of you I have is the memories now, rest all went away with you.
    Now, in my days of loneliness I just have memories to guide me through. I hope to see you again, if not on Earth, then in heaven.

    The door is still open and I am unsure when the door will call upon me.

    I am prepared to leave now, but these memories are my possession of having you and I don't want to let go.

    I still feel there is a part of you in me through these memories of the past and I will try to stick with them till my last flesh lasts.

    This loneliness is killing me and I have none to care. I wish I could have you again, in days of glory, in days of dark, in nights of pleasure, and in nights of desire.

    In the days of loneliness, memories were with me and not you.

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