Why Some People Play With Feelings

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You must have seen at least one man (or a woman) in your circle who keeps dating several partners but never settles down. Of course, dating isn't the problem, but playing with others' feelings could be a disorder.

But still, some people do that. They seem to derive fun out of multiple relationships. They raise hopes, have as much fun as possible and one day, simply walk away to find someone better. Isn't that selfish? Why do they do that?

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Well, maybe they need counseling. Deriving pleasure from someone's emotional pain isn't a healthy thing. Read on...


Reason #1

Normal people don't play with hearts; it is those who suffer insecurities deep down, may turn into players.

They feel good whenever they attract someone new. They keep playing with others' feelings. But actually, it is a disorder. The solution is to conquer insecurities.


Reason #2

A person who obsessively craves for love also tries to attract several people at a time. That's a desperate attempt to get some love.

Their need for love isn't satisfied easily. A sad childhood or a past full of disappointments in love could make some people desperate for love.


Reason #3

Some people want constant assurance. They want someone to say that they are attractive. Maybe they feel good when more number of potential partners respond positively.


Reason #4

The fear of commitment may also make one a player. Men who hate to settle down tend to keep playing with multiple partners.

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Reason #5

The need for validation and approval may also make some people crave for a string of relationships.


Reason #6

Some people simply seek pleasure from several people. They are plain pleasure seekers who are addicted to the high that physical relationship gives.


Reason #7

Some people who were perceived unattractive in the past could also turn into players to make a statement to the world that they are attractive.

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