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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Fails In Bed?

What to do when your boyfriend fails in bed? Imagine this: You have dated him since long and have finally decided to get physically intimate with him. But soon after getting naked in the bedroom, you realise that he is not good enough in stimulating you. What would you do?

Is my boyfriend impotent? This is the first question that might hit you. But wait! There are many men who don't have any medical issues or impotency. But they could still fail to make a woman reach orgasm!

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He might derive all pleasure from your body, but fail to offer you any pleasure in return. That's the moment you might get into a dilemma. The relationship is awesome in many areas but the intercourse failed to offer any pleasure to you.

Your mind may wonder whether to move on or still stick to him. The thought of moving on makes you feel guilty as it sounds selfish. The thought of sticking to him could be depressing as you might be deprived of the real pleasure forever.

So, what to do when your boyfriend fails? Read on.


There's Nothing Wrong In Telling Him Openly!

The only thing you can do if you are unable to reach orgasm is tell him about the same and see if he can do anything about that. If you never express your issues, he will think everything is fine in bed. He might think he's stud!

Does It Affect Your Relationship?

Ask yourself whether you can live happily in the future along with this guy who is unable to send you to that state of bliss. It all depends upon what you want in life. If achieving an orgasm is not a big thing for you and if everything else in your relationship is perfect then you can bury the issue and wear a smile on your face.

Does He Even Try?

After you have told him about your inability to reach an orgasm, did he ever try to do something? Did he try anything new to satisfy you? Well, more than the results, his attempts do matter.

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A guy who starts showing concern and care may reach the goal sooner or later. But if he never tries to do anything about it, then you may need to think again.

Spend More Time On Foreplay

If your relationship is superb on many levels and if he proves to be the best guy you have ever met, then you can try to find pleasure in other things like foreplay in order to mask the problem of inability to reach orgasm.

Do You Have To Fake It?

No. Even if you fake for a day or two, you will get bored to fake it throughout your life.

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Would You Like To Give Him Time?

Be open to explore your pleasure centers and also give him ample of time to explore your body more. Maybe he will do well after a while. Wait and watch.

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Would You Like To Be Friends?

Think about this. The only difference between a boy friend and a male friend of yours is romance. You can enjoy all pleasures with a male partner but you can't do the same with a male friend.

So, if your partner fails to give you an orgasm, would you still want to stay with him or just be friends with him?

Living without that pleasure might be frustrating. But if you are someone who can deal with it, you can still be with him. That is totally up to you.

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