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8 Things You Shouldn't Say When Your Girlfriend Cuts Her Hair


Generally, most of the men like to see women with long hair. Long, shiny, straight hair makes women look more beautiful. But wait, that's just an opinion! Some women look good even without long hair!

Some women who are bored of maintaining long hair may opt for a short hair cut. There could be many reasons behind taking such a decision.

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If you are a man who is obsessed with long hair, it is better not to display your obsession especially when your girlfriend gets a haircut!

Dear men, here are 10 things you shouldn't say when your girlfriend goes for a hair cut!


Ayyo! You Looked Good When You Had Long Hair!

Though your intention is to tell her that she looks more beautiful with long hair, such a comment would make her regret her decision.

And when your girl is in a mood of regrets, life won't be easy for you, right? In fact, it might take hours for you to make her mood normal.


Omg! It'll Take A Year To Grow It Back!

Even she knows that! If you really remind her that it takes long time to grow hair again, she might decide to stay indoors and stop meeting you.

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Did You Want To Save Shampoo?

If you try such a sarcastic comment, you might need to handle a big argument! Also, you will be denied hugs and kisses for a few weeks!


Nice! It's Good To Experiment!

No! Calling her choice 'an experiment' may irritate her! When you try to cook a dish for her and if she calls your efforts 'an experiment', wouldn't you feel bad?

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Oh, That Was A Brave Decision!

Don't make a simple haircut decision look like a sacrifice! You are indirectly saying that she isn't looking good in that hair cut! Would you like her to slip into depression?


How Much Did You Spend On The Hair Cut?

Yes, some hair cuts cost a bomb. She liked something and she spent some money on it as she thought it was a fair decision. If you talk about money, it will upset her more.


Oh, You Like Short Hair?

Of course, she likes short hair and that's why she opted for a haircut. If you specifically ask such a question, it looks as if you don't like short hair! Maybe you don't need to express your opinions.

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Is That A Feminist Statement?

Hairstyles and clothes don't have anything to do with one's personality or opinions. Asking such a question may start another world war!