What He's Thinking After Your First Date

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If you are planning to go out on your first date, you tend to feel anxious about how to present yourself to win the heart of your date.

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Also, if you have already gone on a date a couple of days ago, you would anxiously be waiting for his or her call. And when a call doesn't come, you might start wondering where things could have gone wrong.

But here are some interesting facts that are derived from some surveys...


Fact #1

70% of the youth would love to fall in love at first sight. Yes, it gives them a high though it might not work in the long run.


Fact #2

41% of the women expect the man to pay for the lunch on the first date. Also, a man who bears the costs comes across as the one who is a successful provider.

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Fact #3

96% of men call back if they are really interested in taking things forward. So you don't need to desperately wait for his call after 24 hours.


Fact #4

30% of women would love to be offered flowers on the first date. Flowers and chocolates generally don't go wrong.


Fact #5

70% of men never waste time on a second date if they aren't attracted. 41% of the people regret a one night stand.

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Fact #6

85% of women find it difficult to find someone they like. They tend to be very choosy.


Fact #7

80% of women prefer an average guy with intelligence than a very attractive guy with a boring personality.


Fact #8

60% of the women observe a man's footwear first. Don't forget to wear a neat pair of shoes.


Fact #9

55% of women give a second chance even if the first date isn't so interesting. They hope that chemistry may develop gradually.

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Fact #10

60% of the people believe that appearance does matter while the rest opine that personality matters more.


Fact #11

67% of people would love to date someone from work. Generally, people at work could also share similar mindset in most of the cases.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 17:14 [IST]
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