Ways To Enjoy Being Single

By Subodini Menon

Have you been through a turbulent break-up? Maybe, you haven't been in a relationship for a long time. It is also possible that you have always been single and are now dying to be in a relationship; but it just isn't happening.

Fret not, as being single is not the worst thing to happen to you. We know it is cliché but it is true - Your true love is out there somewhere.

He/she is just taking his/her own time to get to you. You will someday surely meet the one that is destined for you. But until then, you need to learn how to rock being single.

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You need to realize that once you are in a relationship with your true love, you will never get your single days back. You might even yearn for them. So, enjoy these days while they last and we are here to give you some ideas that will help you do so.

So, if you are single and are depressed about it, read on to learn how to lift up your moods.


Think About All The Health Benefits You Will Gain From Being Single

Yes! We are not kidding. There are health benefits of being single. Research shows that single people tend to be healthier.

They are more fitness conscious and choose healthy lifestyle like exercising and eating right. It is said that the singletons spend more time sleeping and the quality of their sleep is much better than their peers who are in a relationship.

You Have A Lot Of Freedom When Single

Whether you want it or not, when in a relationship, you have to forgo your freedom to some extent. The case is different when you are single.

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All your time and all the decisions are at your disposal. You can do as you please. Spend all that extra time and effort on hobbies, self-development or your career.

There Are Financial Gains When You Are Single

When you are in a relationship, the money you possess is just yours. You won't have to deal with unhealthy spending habits or frugal nature of your partner. It is your money and you can spend it the way you like it.

Singledom Is Favorable To Your Social Interactions

When you don't have a partner, you can freely mingle and make friends with the kind of people you like. You do not have to be worried that your partner may not like your friends or vice versa.

When single, you do not have to devote time being affectionate and loving to your partner. All that extra time will do wonders to your social arena.

Get Some Quality “Me” Time.

In a relationship, you might be hard-pressed to find time for yourself. But when you are single, you can actually spend some quality time with yourself.

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Having a "Me" time is an important thing as a person. Spend it to learn more about yourself or use it to develop your personality and skills.

Get Yourself Out Of The Comfort Zone

When you are single and are ready to mingle, you have a lot of options before you. Why not try to make a connection with someone who you would never have considered. There might be someone that you like but never dared to approach, why not do it now?

May be you can use this time of being single to expand your options and ask out someone who is very much different than you. Who knows, they might be your soul-mate and you may form a relationship that can be cherished for life.

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