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11 Types Of Partners

Actually, human relationships can't be generalised. But if one has to really study the personality types in human relationships, we may need to broadly group people in several categories.

Of course, though such studies aren't accurate, you can get a basic understanding of what a person is by looking at the category.

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Well, here are a few types of partners or people that you may come across.


The Selfie-Maniac

Selfie addicts are there in both men and women. This kind of a partner tries to 'click' every moment with a cam. You would wonder whether it is self-obsession or obsession with phones and cameras!


This kind of a partner tries to turn every single word into an ugly argument. He or she contradicts whatever you say and tries to prove a point!

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This kind of a partner keeps to himself and never talks. He lives in his own world and seldom cares about your happiness. He never tells you anything about his life and seldom asks any question about your life. You may soon lose interest in him!

The Drama Queen

This category also exists in both men and women. People who would like to make a big scene out of everything belong to this category. Restless men who project their inner conflicts on the external world fall in this category. When it comes to women, those who need their daily dose of drama belong to this category.


She wears your dress and rides your bike. She has more men friends than women in her circle. She is the tomboy who never needs your help. She is straightforward, independent and no-nonsense types.

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Both men and women can be talkative. This kind of a partner turns every small conversation into a very big boring one that lasts for hours together! You are forced to be the listener in any conversation with this kind of a partner.

The Party Animal

This kind of a partner could be an alcohol addict. Some people who want to escape the realities of life could also turn into party animals. They constantly want to have a good time. The only problem with such a partner is insecure future.


He or she stays silent during a date but writes lengthy mails later on. This kind of a partner seldom talks to either you or anyone as basically he or she is an introvert. But of course, introverts are generally talented artists or writers.

The Psycho!

He or she scrutinises your texts, Facebook posts and even activities of your daily life. His or her motive is to control you or abuse you. If you are a bit late, you are cheating. If you don't answer calls, you are cheating. If you try to defend yourself you are cheating. Basically, whatever you do will look like a fault to your partner.

Wifey Wendy

This personality type exists more in women. Generally, women who would like to get married early and have kids fast come into this category. For them, marriage and kids are the main goals of life and they mean everything to them. They crave to win the 'perfect wife' tag!

Mother Hen

She is the types who calls you up to check whether you have eaten on time and slept on time. She likes to mother you a lot. She loves to cook for you and treat you like her baby. Men generally fall for this category quite fast.

Miss Perfect

She is perfect in everything. She is the one who any man dreams of marrying. She is an inspiration to many. She is the perfect blend of all the right qualities and even good looks. That is why almost every man runs after her but nobody gets her! If she becomes your partner, you are just lucky!

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