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Toxic People To Avoid Dating

If you know that someone is toxic, why would you date them? But it isn't easy to judge someone in the first meeting itself. And of course, being judgmental is not really a healthy thing to do when you want to get into a relationship.

But at the same time, if you notice toxic personality traits in the person whom you are dating, it is better to back off before you give your commitment.

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Toxic people never allow others around them stay happy. So, here are some of those personalty types with whom it is better to avoid dating.


The Hopeless Romantic

Romance is what makes the first phase of relationships interesting. But too much of romance devoid of any practical outlook cold bore you to the core.

Imagine your partner talking about candle light dinner and ball dance when you are excited about your new project in your office! When you are inspired to reach new goals in your work, if your partner still expects you to pump more romance into life, it could irritate you.


The Harsh Critic

Even when you give compliments to cheer your partner, he or she always tries to find fault with you. If your partner has the habit of harshly criticising you all the time, can you bear his or her company?

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The Narcissist

Dating a narcissist may tire you, scare you and scar you for life! Narcissists are self-obsessed people who are attention-seeking. They expect almost everyone around them to admire them. They may blame others and feel superior. It is tough to live safely with a narcissist.


The Victim

Even before you open your mouth to say something, your partner starts crying. At the slightest friction, your partner breaks down. Most of your time goes in calming him or her down. Your partner likes to play the victim card and thrives on sympathy. Do you enjoy such a relationship?


The Nagger-Clinger

Would you enjoy it if your partner always complains saying "You don't love me any more..." "You have changed a lot..." and so on? Craving for approval all the time isn't a good thing in relationships. People who constantly need approval may soon seek it elsewhere if they don't find it at home.

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The Arguer

Logic and intelligence can mesmerise you in the initial meetings. But over intelligent partners can bore you by arguing all the time, day in and day out over every single matter. So, think twice before dating the above said personality types.


The Selfish

Even though you complain about the headache that is troubling you since morning, your partner blames you for not keeping the house clean. Would you appreciate that? Though you had plans to visit your parents on a weekend, your partner promises to visit his parents on the weekend. Would you accept that? If your partner is selfish, your joy won't live long.

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