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Friendship Day 2019: Things Only Your Best Friend Will Do For You

There are some things only best friends can do. They are the inseparable part of our lives and this year, the friendship day is on 4th August. In the course of life, you may come across thousands of people. You may interact with hundreds of people. You may gather so many acquaintances. But when it comes to the ones who are really close to you, you can find only a handful!

Yes, all acquaintances may not turn into friendships. And all friends may not be best friends. And yes, your best friend is the one who can make your journey on this planet seem worthwhile and painless.

Life isn't easy. We all need support systems. And what else would you ask for more than a friend who can be with you during ups and downs of life? Well, here are some things that only a best friend can do for you.


Only Your Best Friend Never Judges You

You can be yourself without the fear of being judged. You don't need to pretend because your friend is someone who accepts you as you are.


Only Your Best Friend Knows All Your Dirty Secrets

This is one of the things only your best friend will understand. Yes. You can share anything with your friend; even the dirtiest of your secrets. He or she will never leak your secrets to anyone.


Only Your Best Friend Can Give You 100 Bucks When You Badly Need It

When you are broke, you don't need to hesitate or think twice to borrow a hundred bucks from your best friend. And yes, even if you are late in returning the money, your friend will not threaten you!


Only Your Best Friend Can Offer A Massage When Your Headaches

This is one of the things only best friends can do. When you fall ill or suffer headache, you feel like having someone by your side. Of course, your family will surely be there but apart from them, your best friend is the only one who never hesitates to even offer a massage.


Only Your Best Friend Will Be Genuinely Happy About Your Success

Your rivals party when you fail. And when you succeed in life, your rivals cry behind your back and try their best to pull you down. But only your best friend genuinely feels happy about your success and stands by your side in failure.


Only Your Friend Never Speaks Behind Your Back

Others might praise you on your face and talk bad behind your back. But your best friend is the only one who frankly criticises you on your face as he is well wisher and praises you behind your back.


Only Your Best Friend Knows Your Inner Life

You may wear a mask in front of others. In your work place or anywhere in the society, you can be a boss, manager, engineer or doctor but in front of your best friend you can remove all the masks and simply be a human being. That is why a best friend is the biggest relief god has given in this life. Happy friendship day!