Signs Your Boyfriend Is Pathetic

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The main problem with narcissistic guys is that you tend to get attracted to their personalty the moment you come across them. And it takes time to realise that they are pathetic people.

By the time you realise, it may not be too easy to simply come out of their lives as they can't let go easily without making a drama out of it.

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So, before you fall in love with a guy, look for certain clues which indicate that he is pathetic though he looks good and normal on the surface. Read on...


Sign #1

When you are talking to him, does he interrupt often? Does he irritate you by breaking the flow of the speech or hijacking the conversation? Well, that's a bad quality which might irritate you everyday.


Sign #2

Does he try to poke his nose in every matter of yours and give you free advice? Well, that's another pathetic quality.

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Sign #3

What does he think of himself? Does he pretend like a hero? Well, confident people seem content and comfortable in their own skin.

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Sign #4

Does he always try to seek attention or is he happy to maintain a low profile? Well, narcissists always seek attention.


Sign #5

Is he obsessed with his own looks? Well, a gentleman focuses more on developing a great soul as looks belong to the surface level of the personality.


Sign #6

When something goes wrong, does he blame others and give excuses? Well, a confident guy admits his own mistakes and takes responsibility.


Sign #7

Does he think he's better than you? Does he talk as if you are lucky to get him? Well, a gentleman will give everyone equal importance without carrying airs.

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Sign #8

Does he take advantage of everyone and think that he's really smart? Well, a gentleman helps others and never tries to use people. So, stay away from him if you find all of the above bad qualities in him.

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