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Do Women Like Chest Hair?

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Only in old movies, we see men with a hairy chest. Today, most of the young models or celebrities sport a clean shaved well-built chest. The ripped look may look good only when the hair is shaved.

But wait? Do women like a hairy chest or a hairless chest? We can't generalise because some women prefer chest hair whereas some don't.

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But don't worry; we can know about the majority's opinion. In a recent survey, more than a 1000 women of various age groups were questioned about the same. Read on to know about what they said....


Fact #1

Surprisingly, only 17% of the women who participated in the survey said that they like a clean shaved chest of a man. But again they said that only a ripped man looks good when he shaves his chest hair.


Fact #2

Almost 53% told that they neither prefer the clean shaved nor the hairy chest. They said they like it when the chest hair is trimmed to the ideal length. Not so long and not too short; the right length turns them on!

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Fact #3

The remaining 30% of the women said that chest hair is an awesome masculine trait. But most of the women who voted for chest hair are above the age of 30 years.


Fact #4

The women who voted for chest hair said that it makes a man look wise and mature. Clean shaved chest may make the man look immature especially if he doesn't have ripped features.

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Fact #5

And when it comes to women who hate chest hair, they perceive it as lack of grooming habits. Also, the hair hides the sculpted features.


Fact #6

Some women feel that a clean shaved chest gives a clean feeling. Women who are very particular about cleanliness and grooming prefer a clean shaved chest. So, at the end of the day, it all depends upon individual preferences of women.

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