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Are You Scared Of Men For No Reason?


If you have been single for too long mainly because of an abnormal fear of men then it could also be androphobia. Do you feel anxious for no reason even in the company of a gentleman?

There are types of this fear. Some women have the fear of being physically hurt by men whereas some women fear that they might be hurt emotionally.

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In some, the fear develops during childhood whereas in others, it could start even after teenage. The main reason behind this fear is the perception that men are dangerous.


What Experts Say

Relationship experts claim that there are many women who gradually overcome their fears after being in a healthy relationship with a gentleman.


What About Siblings?

Some women who experience this phobia do not perceive men inside the family (father, brothers, cousins) as a threat but they avoid every other man outside the family.

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How It Starts

The starting point of this phobia could be trauma experienced during childhood. When anything traumatic happens, the brain records it and creates a kind of fear only to remind you to keep away from such dangers.


What Increases The Risk?

Women who have been assaulted or harassed during their childhood have higher chances of developing this kind of fear.


Male Domination To Be Blamed?

Also, in families where male domination is too much, women tend to develop this kind of fear. In families where the father is too violent, this kind of phobia is common in the daughters.


Is It Genetic?

In rare cases, this phobia could also pass on to the next generation which means that even genetics could be a reason behind your fears.

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How to know whether you have this fear? Do you feel anxious, sweaty and nauseous in the company of any man without any reason?

Some women may also experience pain in the chest and rapid breathing when they undergo this fear. Some women may experience thoughts of dangerous men trying to harm.


What To Do?

If left untreated, it could also cause depression and loneliness. This fear may hamper social life and career too. Seeking professional help is a must.

Also, you need not remain single forever as all men on this planet are not bad. One fine day, a gentleman may enter your life and prove that he can make your life beautiful!

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