Why We Run After People Who Don't Care

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At least once in a lifetime, we tend to fall in in love with someone who never cares for us. But we still develop feelings for them and gradually become desperate.

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But is it worth it? Well, no. when someone ignores you or is not into you, there is no point in developing your feelings for them. We all know that but still we wonder why we tend to run after someone who doesn't care.

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If you derive any kick when you try to move further when someone says no, then you are just wasting your time. Even if that person says yes, seeing your persistence, sooner or later things don't work well. So, let us first discuss why we tend to chase people who never care...


Fact #1

Human beings have the tendency to crave for certain things that they don't have. This could create a desire to possess something and derive satisfaction from it.


Fact #2

It is better to enjoy the love of someone who already cares for us instead of running after someone who never cares. But still, human beings keep trying to chase impossible goals.


Fact #3

Many surveys indicate that relationships in which one is obsessed with the other tend to fall apart sooner or later. Any relationship requires love from both the sides.


Fact #4

When someone says no to you, it is your ego that gets hurt and this might either make you feel rejected or may fuel the desire to chase that person. But that would be totally foolish as someone saying no isn't rejection. It is just a choice of that person.


Fact #5

Also, human beings attach their self-esteem and identities to relationships. That is why they suffer inferiority complex when someone says no to them.


Fact #6

So, instead of running after people who ignore you, living with someone who craves for you may make more sense according to relationship experts.

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