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Why Some People Take Time To Fall In Love

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A new study claims that highly intelligent people are among the ones who take a lot of time to fall in love. Of course, there are other categories of people who hesitate to fall in love but this post focuses mainly on the intelligent people who struggle to find true love.

The study claims that most of the people whose IQ is above average tend to stay single till their mid thirties and even till they reach forty.

Most of them claim that they haven't found someone interesting or someone who is worth settling down. Now, let us take a look at the reasons.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love

They May Over-Analyse Everything
As intellectuals derive their kick from thinking and analysing, they tend to do the same when they meet someone. So, when you over-analyse someone, you might not like the person and the other person may also not like you.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love2

Love Comes From The Heart
The problem with love is that it is partly irrational and it originates from the heart. Intelligent people don't like irrational feelings in their lives as they seek to find out the reason behind everything. So, this could be one reason why they fail to find love.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love3

They Take Time To Get Close
Generally, they would take a lot of time to reveal something about themselves. Also, they seldom get close to someone unless they are totally okay.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love4

They Are Too Careful
In an attempt to avoid previous failures or mistakes that they have done in their past relationships, they tend to be over-cautious and this may not work well.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love5

They Choose To Be Alone
Most of the intellectuals give more preference to stay alone if they don't find someone who is of their wave length.

Why Some People Wait To Fall In Love6

They Are Boring To Some
Sometimes, they come across as boring people to others and this is one reason why their chances of finding a partner may reduce.

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