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Why Men Like Mysterious Women

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Not all men but a percentage of men crave for mysterious women. Yes at least in one stage of their lives they crave for a mystery. And when they come across a woman who doesn't reveal too much about her, these men get hooked on to them.

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Sounds surprising but the real reason why men crave for such women is because mysterious women resemble their secret fantasies.

For men who love to decode mysterious women, the rest of the women seem plain and ordinary and therefore, they are uninterested in the regular girls who reveal too much about themselves in the first meeting itself.

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Women who reveal only a very little at a time and keep luring them will give a kind of kick to some men. Now, let us know why some men crave for such women.


There Is Something To Figure Out

Intelligent men want something to figure out. They love mysteries as they get a chance to use their faculties to keep guessing about the woman they got attracted to.


A Challenge Would Give Excitement

Unraveling mysteries would surely be exciting. Also, the unpredictability factor would give the rush to some men and that gives them an orgasmic release.


Delay Gives Kick

Girls who get into the bedroom easily seldom give the kick but women who take a lot of time even to allow a man to touch them tend to be more interesting to men.


Making Out With A Mysterious Person Is A Dream Come True

Any man would die for at least one secret session in the bedroom with a mysterious woman who always maintains distance.


Men Like To Keep Chasing

Primordially men were hunters. They chased wild animals for their food. Those instincts are still alive in them and they get excited chasing women for the same reason.


‘Basic Instinct'

Anyone who has watched the movie ‘Basic Instinct' would understand why the protagonist (who is already married) craves to sleep with a mysterious woman who is a criminal.


Men Love To Get Into Unknown Territories

The challenge of invading unknown territories gives a different high to men who love challenges.

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