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What's The Concept Of An Online Wife?

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Today, technology has made our lives easier. And some men happily utilise the technology to derive some extra fun in their lives. Yes, some married men do have an online wife too!

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Some men befriend other women and start chatting online day in and day out with that person and give all their attention to that person.

They would day dream and also get attached to such a woman and treat her like a wife and that's how the concept of online wife came into existence.

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Now, let us know about the dangers of having an online wife.


Problem #1

Some day you'll get caught. Your wife may catch you red handed while you are happily chatting with your online wife. This could strain your relationship with her.


Problem #2

You'll never know the real side of your online wife. She may be projecting her good side to you while hiding her bad side. What if she is a blackmailer?


Problem #3

You can't meet her often as your relationship is predominantly a long-distance one. This will make you crave for her more than the normal as absence of a person could raise the curiosity.


Problem #4

There is no security. You may feel insecure all the time as you too don't know whether she is faithful to you or is running several other relationships online.


Problem #5

It may come to an end anytime. She may suddenly walk out leaving you depressed.


Problem #6

Your productivity may get hampered as your focus levels may get hampered when you keep chatting with someone day in and day out.


Problem #7

Your married life may go for a toss as you may not be able to give your wife enough love when your mind is preoccupied with your online wife.

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