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What Does Being A ‘Mother’ Mean To A Man?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

There is a popular phrase about motherhood which says, “God can’t be everywhere, that’s why he has created a mother”. This is enough to describe the word 'mother’.

The person who wipes out your tears while you’re in distress; the person who encourages you to go along no matter how many difficulties you face in life; Mother is the person whom God himself has sent here.

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And he has chosen a beautiful medium to perform his tasks on this earth. As soon as the child takes birth, he needs his mother. So, what does being a 'mother’ mean to a man?

To all, 'mother’ means the beautiful amalgamation of boundless love, strict discipline, protector from the world and healer of all wounds.

When a child grows up, the first word he utters is 'Mumma’. And then he talks, thinks, laughs and cries in his mother tongue.

You take little time to move to 'You don’t understand, Mom’ from 'Mom knows it all’, but it is your mother who never shows her pain to see you happy.

So, how does a man see his mother? At a certain age, she is the guardian and soon she becomes a friend. She also shows you the right path of life.

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At a later stage, a man may see his mother as a Burden, but it is remind everyone that you wouldn't be what you are without the sacrifices of your mother.

On the occasion of Mother's day, make sure you express your gratitude to your mom, which she truly deserves.

So, if you ask, 'What does being a “mother” mean to a man?’ you should go through this article to know more.


1. Mom The Protector:

Remember, when you used to fight with other boys and come home complaining, it was your mother who fought against them on behalf of you. It was she who was present with you, when you looked for a hand to hold while having nightmares. How does a man see his mother? Obviously, the protector of his life.


2. Mom The Healer:

You have got hurt in school; mom took a good care. High fever, and she was awake by your bedside. You went through your first break-up, she was the one shoulder to cry on. Each time her heart broke apart, but she didn't utter a word.


3. A Place To Demand:

What does being a ‘mother' mean to a man? Remember, how much you were fighting with your father for money, as you wanted to go for a vacation with your friends? Mom came and the whole situation became totally under control.


4. An All-time Chef:

How does a man see his mother? No doubt, as a personal chef. None in your life would have offered a plate of steaming hot food at the middle of night after returning from an office tour. You really miss those days, right?


5. Mom Can Wait:

‘Aren't you late? Your mom is waiting'. "Oh, Mom can wait. No big deal". How many times have you repeated these words? Have you ever asked her how much tired she is or has she had her dinner? You can't take her as granted because she never does.


6. Mom The Villain:

Yes, to many of us she is a villian sometimes. And when we realize how much right she was, maybe we lose them and miss out on saying a ‘Sorry'. If you have her still in your life, pay attention to her words and don't see her as a villain.


7. Mom The Friend:

As soon as you become a teen, your mom becomes your friend. You can share your thoughts and dreams and she is the one who will listen to you. Don't say she doesn't understand you. Now, you know what does being a ‘mother' mean to a man, right?


8. Mom The Burden:

And finally, the hard truth. Mom has done all the above-mentioned duties and now she has lost her strength. So, why to take her burden in your new and happy life, isn't it? It doesn't matter, as the happiness is because of her sacrifice. So, finally what does being a ‘mother' mean to a man? Nothing but a burden at her later stages.

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