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Things You Don’t Know About Him

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Men are not a big mystery to crack. Compared to women they are not really complex creatures. But of course, they too have some hidden sides that may not be visible easily.

Unless you are into a relationship with a man for some time, you may not be able to understand every single thing about him.

Things You Don’t Know About Him

And then yes, men do pretend a lot to cover up their hidden sides as they have been made to believe that men are supposed to behave in a certain way. Now, let us discuss more on this...

Things You Don’t Know About Him1

Even Men Need Emotional Support

Nobody can escape emotions. Though men put up a strong face during tough times, they too can't pretend for long. During such times, they crave for emotional support through a loving partner.

Things You Don’t Know About Him2

Even Men Seek Security
Generally, we think that only women seek security from relationships. Frankly speaking, once a man finds the right woman, he craves to feel secure in the relationship and that is why he tries his best to prove himself to win the woman's hand.

Things You Don’t Know About Him4

Even Men Like Cuddling
Though some men (who are below 30) show interest only in the bedroom, as a man matures, he too gives preference to cuddle up with the partner for long periods of time to feel good.

Things You Don’t Know About Him5

Even Men Love Compliments
Generally, women take all the compliments regarding looks. But when they praise a man for his looks, he would surely enjoy it though he doesn't expect much in that department.

Things You Don’t Know About Him6

Even Men Can Get Emotional
Most of us have believed that women are emotional but even men are capable of displaying emotions in the form of empathy, kindness, love, and so on.

Things You Don’t Know About Him7

Even Men Feel Like Settling Down

Though women think that men love to keep dating different women forever, it isn't true. They too get tired of the wrong matches and give their best to settle down with the right woman.

Things You Don’t Know About Him8

Even Men Break Down
Yes, men too cry but not in front of you. They may hide their tears to avoid the image of weakness. But inside close doors, they too sometimes weep to get rid of the heaviness in heart.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 18, 2016, 16:58 [IST]
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