Things Men Assume We Lie About

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Women are more independent and quite confident in everything they do. This trait of women makes men go gaga over them. When it comes to understanding women, there are a few points where men fail to understand them.

There are certain things that men assume that women lie. However, these things might not be actually true. In this article, we are here to share some of the things that men assume that their women are lying about.

There are a few misconceptions about women that men actually need to know. These misconceptions are just a few common ones and there is no intention to hurt the sentiments of men.

There have been certain researches conducted that have shown what men think their women are lying about. So, we are here to enlighten you about the things that men think that we, women, lie about. Read on to know about the most common things that men assume that women are lying.

Spending On Expensive Dates And Gifts
Women often love classy dates, but that does not mean that we want you to flaunt and spend on expensive dates all the time. A little thing to remember here is that not all women expect you to pay for everything during a date. So, do not think that we are lying about it. We actually mean it.

Spending On Expensive Dates And Gifts
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We Never Compare Our Exes
There are a very few cases when women sulk about their exes. Studies have revealed that women move on faster when compared to men. So, being insecure about your woman comparing you to their ex is just not fair. Who knows they must be more content and happy with you. So believe your lady, guys!

We Never Compare Our Exes To Them
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Thinking That We Love Your Jealousy
This is one of the biggest misconception that men have about women. Men think that we are happy when men get a little jealous and extra protective about us. This is quite annoying for a woman actually. A little bit of jealousy and being protective is okay with us, but not in everything, as it can be quite irritating at times.

We'll Be Ready Soon
This is something that never works for women. We might tell you that we would be ready in 10 minutes, but that is just a pacifying talk! This is a lie that we women love to say.

We'll Be Ready Soon
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Sharing Dark Secrets
A lot of men tend to pretend about the number of flings they have had in their life. If you think that a woman is lying about her flings, it is all because you have your mindset stuck in that way. They may be talking about the real facts you know.

Things Men Assume We Lie About
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Remember a simple note, " Assumption is the mother of all problems". So, stop assuming and judging your woman. She might just be telling you the facts!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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