Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Always Fail

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As a New Year approaches, the fever of making new year wishes increases in most of us as well. We come up with new, motivating resolutions that we have missed all throughout the year, or have failed to achieve it.

However, hardly do these resolutions work or have been fulfilled. In this article today, we are here to share some of the reasons why New Year resolutions always fail.

Scribbling down our resolutions gives us a kick, as we are excited about making a change in the coming year. Sometimes, these resolutions and wishes can be the same ones that we have been planning since years, but have never fulfilled it yet.

Staying motivated and focussed can help you fulfill these wishes, but only for a short while. Have you ever wondered why we make resolutions and never fulfil it? Well, this is just a way to bring in the new year with a change in thought and not in action.

So, read on to find out about the reasons why new year resolutions always fail.

Doing It Alone
Making plans, be it quitting the drag or drink, can not be fulfilled at any cost if you're doing it alone, especially if you are in a group who are a part of this routine too. You may follow it for a week hardly. Instead, encourage your friends to make a wish as well. This might work well, if you guys are focussed.

Why New Year Resolutions Always Fail

Lofty Resolutions
Most of us often make resolutions that are good only to hear; but when it comes to fulfilling them, we do not bother acting on them. Hence, examine your resolutions and analyse if you can really do it or are doing it just for the heck of it.

Lofty Resolutions
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Giving Up Too Easily
Whether you are discouraged or have simply lost interest, giving up easily is a big time resolution breaker. When we make resolutions, we think that we can easily accomplish them. But, hardly, in first 3-4 weeks we realise the interest fades away and other priorities come in. Instead, you can treat your resolution as a priority and work towards it.

Giving Up Too Easily
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Time Management
This is one of the biggest hurdle of not making our resolutions work. When you set resolutions then you need to be flexible with a change in your daily routine. This should not be a burden, as it can demotivate you, or make you realise that you are doing that extra bit and need to relax.

Lack Of Honesty
Be honest with your ownself. Do you think that you can really run a marathon, or lose weight, or do something that you should be really committed in doing? We often commit to these things thinking that it is achievable, but end up in not following them. Hence, do not waste your time on something that may disappoint you later.

Lack Of Honesty
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