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Things A Guy Is Embarrassed Of

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Most men are generally shy and coy when it comes to expressing their emotions. They do not like to express their emotions easily. This makes the woman furious about their man.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that men are generally embarrassed of. According to our society, men are supposed to be strong and express less emotions. They cannot be weak as they can be bullied for doing so.

All these little things stop men from expressing their emotions. Men tend to get embarrassed easily when they stray from their prospective "roles" of being tough and it is a hindrance for them to be their actual selves.

Read on to know more about the things that a guy can be embarrassed of. If you are a man and are embarrassed of these things mentioned below, then you should stop it right away as it is just okay to express your emotions.


He Is Insecure

Most men are insecure no matter how tall they stand. A man is supposed to be strong and confident in whatever he does and he cannot show that he is insecure about his love.


He Is In Love

Men do not like to express their emotions and they are bad in confessing their feelings. Instead, they expect their lady love to understand their emotions. This way they end up frustrating their lady.


He Is Not Willing To Make Love

Men do not like to make love all the time. Instead, they like to spend time on their own as well as spend time talking to their partners. Not making love every night to their partner is quite embarrassing for them as they do not get excited by the thought.


He Likes Girlie Drinks

It is totally okay for a man to like a woman's drink. It is not necessary that they stick to hard drinks and not indulge in spirits. But yes, again this is embarrassing when they tell their friends or partners about this.


He Checks Other Guys Out

This is generally not in a sexual way, but then there are men out there who do check other males out, and yes they would be embarrassed to share it. They do it just to see how well he is dressed or might just be enviously judging his own looks. It can be anything.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 15:33 [IST]
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