Signs He's Playing Mind Games

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Some men play mind games. And it is tough to handle them. Of course, some guys play mind games only for fun that too, only in the initial stages.

They do so just to win the heart of a woman. But some men have ulterior motives. They play such games as they love to manipulate people and situations.

And then some men do it for ego satisfaction. Some men derive joy in causing emotional pain through mind games. That is why it is better to stay away from men who play mind games for sadistic pleasure. Here are some signs....


He'll Ignore You

In one stage, he will shower lots of love but suddenly, he starts ignoring you. He'll make you addicted to his love and suddenly make you feel deprived. He will go to an extent of writing poetry when he's in love with you just to make you feel overwhelmed. But then all of a sudden, he will start ignoring you. You will feel restless, confused, clueless and worried. He wants that.


He Will Overwhelm You With Gifts

He will give you expensive gifts even if you are not interested. He will spend lots of money on you. Gradually, he will start making you feel as if you are using him financially. And then he gets pleasure in making you feel obliged to him. That's a bad game.


He Will Disappear

All of a sudden, he disappears. He will switch off his phone. But he stalks you on Facebook and keeps observing your movements online. He gets a high in suspecting you.


He Provokes You And Tests Patience

He starts an argument deliberately. He makes you go mad by speaking crap. Suddenly, he'll stop the argument saying that he just tested your patience; so you failed the test. He will simply opt for a break up and make you feel depressed. He gets a kick.


He'll Hide

He'll call you for coffee and reaches the venue well in advance. But he doesn't show up to you. He hides somewhere and observes your behaviour. And then he comes and starts torturing you saying that he saw you checking out other guys in his absence. That's his mind game to see how you will react.


He'll Make You Feel Guilty

Some guys get a high when they make a woman feel guilty. Such a guy simply blames you for all his failures and tries to make you feel guilty. He will try to make you believe that he deserves a better woman. He will like it if you plead him not to leave you. But such a man is a waste of time. It is better to leave him and move on.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 16:59 [IST]
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