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How To Test Your Man? Simple Ideas!!

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So, you are very much attracted to a man and also started a relationship with him. Now, you are wondering how your relationship can endure the ups and downs of the future.

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Well, life isn't the same all the time. Some days are very good whereas some days stress you up. When situations shake your life, even your relationships may undergo wear and tear.

Well, the question is: will your relationship take the test and win over all the challenges that the future can throw upon you?

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Well, here are some random ways to test your relationship with him. But wait; think of your own ideas if you find these ideas silly. And yes, be careful while testing his patience. Don't lose a gentleman in the process of testing him. Read on...


Go Against His Wishes And See What Happens...

Some men who want to control women go berserk when women go against them; maybe you wouldn't want to spend your life with a control freak. So, test him by doing the opposite. See how he reacts. If he is angry for a moment but again realises that your happiness is more important than going with his wishes then he is the right guy. But if he threatens to break up for such a small thing, then think gain.


Pick An Argument And See...

One fine day, pick an argument and see. Take a random topic and offer a crazy view point and start arguing madly. See how he reacts. If he says it is fine to have a different opinion and tries to settle the argument in a friendly way then he is mature. But if he endlessly argues trying to manipulate your view point then think again. In relationships, arguments are a daily chore and you would want someone who can look beyond opinions and belief systems. Love is much above all opinions and ideas. Can he see through?


Test His Patience Once

Patience is a gift. At least one partner in a relationship should have patience. Test his patience once and see how quickly he loses temper. If he loses temper, see how quickly he can again make things fine. Men who expect you to apologise even for small things may ruin your happiness.


Switch Your Phone Off For A Day

Switch your phone off for a whole day. On the next day, switch it on again and see if there are any missed calls or texts from him. If there are none, then he doesn't care much. If there are too many texts then he suspects you and never gives space. If there are any meaningful texts showing that he is just concerned about your safety and well-being then he is the one for you. Men should give you enough space but also should still be concerned about your safety.


Tell Him That You Spent Last Night At A Friend's Place

See his reaction. If his face suddenly changes its colors then he suspects you and wonders what you did in a friends' place the whole night. Suspicion is natural. But your happiness depends upon how quickly he abandons his suspicion and again takes you into his arms.


Praise Another Man In Front Of Him

Men hate when women praise other men in front of him. So, praise another man and see his reaction. If he turns into a raging bull, then he may need to learn a lot about women. Tell him that praising another man doesn't mean that you have secret dreams of sleeping with him.

This way, you can test him in several ways to see how your relationship can fare through difficult days of life. But wait, be careful and don't test his limits in extreme ways. If he is a soft gentleman he might run away!

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