How To Live Happily With A Small Manhood

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Let us admit the fact that: size has its own role. We can never generalise that size does matter and we can neither say it doesn't matter at all.

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This is because there are many women who say that they are okay with average size and there is small percentage of women who love hugeness down there.

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And then there are some women who are scared of a very big manhood. At the end of the day, it is all about individual preferences. So, men who are born with a smaller size need not feel depressed because they can find a partner who is not obsessed with size and live a happy life.


Fact #1

Firstly, realise that only if your size is lesser than 4 inches, you belong to the category of men with a smaller manhood. In most of the cases, men who are 5-6 inches long in their pants live under the illusion that they are very small.


Fact #2

If your manhood is longer than 4 inches and if you still feel inferior then it is more of a psychological problem. Look for ways to deal with it or visit a therapist.


Fact #3

If your partner complains about your size even if your manhood is longer than 4 inches then realise that her real problem is not with the size. Maybe you are not satisfying her properly.


Fact #4

What if your manhood is lesser than 4 inches? Well, find suitable positions to make love. There are many positions that favour a smaller manhood. Do your research.


Fact #5

Realise that real satisfaction comes from elsewhere; not from your size. If your wife still complains about your size, then it could mean that there isn't love or acceptance in your relationship.


Fact #6

Will creams and lotions work? The sad answer is, they may not. Work on your confidence levels, boost your self esteem and find unconditional love in your relationships to boost the quality of love making.


Fact #7

Quit smoking and drinking. Enhance the quality of erections. Make sure you do a good job at foreplay. Ensure that you make your partner feel good in many other ways outside the bed room. Things might soon fall in place as love is more powerful than the lust experienced by human beings.

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