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Is It Wise To Reveal Your Past To Her?

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All of us do have a past. Some of it could be pleasant whereas parts of it could be unpleasant. We would love to show the world only the beautiful parts of our lives and hide the ugly things about us.

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Of course, there is nothing wrong in that but when it comes to your partner, it would be better if you let them know about the real things about you. Pretensions may worsen things in relationships and may not help at all.

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Also, intimacy increases when you are totally truthful to your partner. Now, let us know some reasons why revealing your past to your partner is the best thing to do.


You Can Set The Right Expectations

Your past will let your partner know what to expect from you and what not to expect. This will surely help a lot before you start a relationship because false hopes do lead to further disappointments in the future.


You Will Come Across As An Honest Person

Generally, people tend to hide their faults and try to glorify their good side which doesn't help at all. Sooner or later, your lowly side may show up and that might break your relationship. Being honest is better than that.


Your Partner Will Be Able To Understand You Better

When you reveal all shades of your personality, it will help your partner know you well and this may even enhance your closeness.


If You Hide Anything, Truth Will Anyway Come Out One Day

It is better to let your partner know your past through you than through other people. If he or she knows it through other sources, you will look like a liar.


It Will Help Your Partner Decide

If you are open about everything, it is up to your partner to decide whether you are the right one or not.


Your Partner's Decision Helps You

If your partner accepts your past, you can be happy with your choice. If he or she chooses to walk out then also you can be happy that you got rid of a person who can't accept you completely.


You Will Live Without Guilt

If you are truthful to your partner, it cleanses your heart and makes you free of guilt. When there is nothing to hide, you can live a happy life.

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