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Reasons To Go With Your Gut When Choosing A partner

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Sometimes, you feel happy and positive in someone's company without any reason. There could be no logic in it but your heart feels good.

And in other cases, you don't know why you hate someone or feel negative in someone's company. Well, such things could be your intuition trying to say something.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships

Relationship experts say it would be wise to rely on your gut feeling while choosing a partner. Generally, we try to use only the analytical mind to think about the partner but in romance, your emotions and feelings also indicate whether you are going for a person who can keep you happy.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships1

Your instincts guide you faster than your thinking mechanism. When you have time to think about the decision of choosing your partner, you can analyse a lot of things. But when you have no time, your instincts help you by creating positive or negative feelings.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships2

Some of the best decisions could occur when both intuition and analysis work in harmony. As your brain records everything from your past, it carefully filters out the kind of people who don't seem to fit in your life. But your gut instincts can feel something more without much of analysis.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships3

Most of your feelings are not just random. They do have a reason and a cause behind them and therefore, you can't rule out your emotions. When you sit with someone on your first date, have you noticed what kind of feelings arise inside you?

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships4

Too much of thinking may not help. Sometimes, we over-analyse the situation (which is known as analysis paralysis) which takes us nowhere. In such a case, when you can use your intuition instead of endlessly weighing pros and cons, your decision making could get effortless.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships5

Conscious thinking is limited. Most of the data about the world lies beyond your access but your system knows how to convey certain things through feelings, instincts and maybe dreams too.

How Instincts Guide You In Relationships6

Certain surveys claim that many couples who never regretted their marriage decision relied more on their gut-feelings rather than their calculations. Of course, this doesn't mean that blindly taking a step could help. But it surely means that using gut-feelings to your advantage can offer better results in relationships.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 14:47 [IST]
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