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Love Vs. Money

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It is very important to be very clear about what you want from life and your relationships. There is nothing wrong in craving for more and more love and at the same time, there is nothing wrong in craving for more and more money.

The only thing that counts is whether you are happy in your pursuits whether it is love or money you run after.

Often times, we come across people who are clueless or confused about what they want in life. After running after love for sometime, they crave for money and after craving for money for some years, they realise that they lack love.

Life should be a fine balance between both, right? Now, here are some facts....


Fact #1

When you have enough for all necessary luxuries of life, what's the next goal that you generally think of? Well, you might feel like having some loved one giving you the pleasure of emotional security, right?


Fact #2

When you have a loving partner but not enough money for your luxuries, how would you feel? Well, at that point, you might regret the lack of enough resources to fulfill your desires, right?


Fact #3

When you have a highly paying job but no time to spend with loved ones, what would you first miss? The simple joys of life, right? Will currency notes buy some time with loved ones?


Fact #4

When you have your loved ones in your lap but a hungry stomach growling for good food, what would you miss first? That same currency notes, right?


Fact #5

When you realise that all your childhood friends have become millionaires but are suffering depression due to lack of enough love which you have in abundance, how lucky do you feel for having loved ones as a support system?


Fact #6

If you have only love but not a good job at hand and your family is struggling to make ends meet though all of you love each other, how would you feel looking at your childhood friend driving an expensive car? Maybe a bit more money would complete your life, right?


Fact #7

At the end of the day, life is neither about money nor about love but it is about finding happiness at the end of the day in whatever you perceive. And happiness lies in finding the right balance between your emotional needs and financial needs and many other types of needs. Therefore, running behind one and ignoring the other may create imbalances!

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