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How Affairs Before Marriage Affect Life

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A new study claims that too many partners before marriage could increase the chances of divorce while having only one or two partners before marriage could result in a stable marriage.

How Affairs Before Marriage Affect Life

Though these words cannot be generalised, the probability of this becoming true is very high. The reasons are obvious.

How Affairs Before Marriage Affect Life2

When a person dates a couple of times before marriage, he or she may understand what one wants and this may lead to a better decision when it comes to marriage. This could be the reason why such people may settle down with someone perfect and end up living with that partner for a long time.

How Affairs Before Marriage Affect Life3

But when a person dates too many people, it could become a habit. Also, such a person could develop a feeling that a potential partner is easy to find and this could lead to an unstable marriage later on as the slightest issues could also make the person look elsewhere and seek divorce.

How Affairs Before Marriage Affect Life4

Though this is not true for all couples, the majority of people are like that, say relationship experts. Therefore it is good to date one or two before marriage but not too many as that could make one unstable after getting into marriage.

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Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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