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Things You'll Learn After First Relationship

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Whether we agree with it or not, our teenage years shape certain life experiences and opinions. In fact, your experience at that time may alter your personality too.

In the same way, your first relationship teaches you a lot. Whether it is a short-term relationship or a long term one, the first one surely surprises you, gives you lots of pleasure, disturbs you and also enlightens you.

Are you wondering how? Well, here are some things your first relationship teaches you.


It Isn't Easy

Yes, relationships may take some work. And before your first relationship in life, you tend to imagine everything rosy about them watching movies and reading novels. But your first relationship will open your eyes.


Ego Problems

Ego causes friction anywhere. In relationships, sometimes, your ego is challenged. You wonder whether to break up or still tolerate someone who keeps challenging your ego. Well, at a young age, during the first relationship, both the partners tend to be volatile. With time, we all learn more about managing moods.


You Can't Force Anyone To Love You

Do whatever you want to; but your partner will love you only if he or she wants to. You can't force anyone to love you.



Your first relationship will also teach you that relationships may sometimes involve compromises. You might need to do things that you hate. Suppose you hate shopping but your partner wishes to go, you may need to accompany.


Expectations Are Futile

Expectations are enemies of any relationship. You will realise this after your first relationship. People and situations may or may not go as per your expectations. That's when you may need to be flexible.


Separation Is Painful

A minor quarrel or breakup pains you so much during your first relationship. You may feel as if a part of your body is missing if your love walks out. But gradually, you may grow up and mature.

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