Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love

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True love seldom hurts. So, you can come out of the illusions if your partner makes you believe that you have to undergo a lot of pain for the sake of love.

Yes, if your partner seldom behaves well with you, it means he or she doesn't care about your feelings. And if hurting you becomes his or her daily ritual then there is no point in living a miserable life with such a person.

You don't need to kill your self-esteem to stay with anyone. In the long run, you would hate yourself if you do so. Read on to know more...

Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love1

Does He/She Shout At You?
If you aren't respected by your partner, you may feel drained in the relationship. Even if you commit a mistake, a partner who shouts loudly at you all the time, may become a problem to your self-esteem sooner or later.

Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love2

Does He Or She Take You For Granted
A partner treating you like a servant could hurt your self-esteem on a daily basis. It is better to distance yourself from such a partner instead of facing the bad treatment.

Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love3

Does He Or She Threaten To Leave You
Some people get some joy from threatening their partners. At the drop of the hat, if your partner keeps saying he or she will leave you, they expect you to cry and say 'no'. But it isn't a healthy game to play.

Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love4

Does He Or She Behave As If They Deserve Better
If your boyfriend constantly keeps saying that he deserves a beautiful girlfriend and he is just stuck with you, its an attack on your self esteem. It is up to you whether you wish to live with a guy who tortures you that way.

Do You Need To Kill Self-Esteem For Love5

Does He Or She Remind You Of Your Weaknesses Always
If your guy constantly keeps exposing your weaknesses, your self-esteem will never stay healthy. Your self-image may diminish making you believe that you are not worthy to be loved. So, if your relationship constantly hurts your self-esteem, you can think twice about such a relationship.

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