Demanding Women Vs Passive Women

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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Men and women can be demanding, yet it is really the demanding and powerful women that men love even though they may complain of them being hardnosed.

Demanding women or alpa female is a tough negotiator. Is demanding women attractive than passive women? Why do some men like women who take charge?

Men find demanding women more attractive than passive women, for they equate them to be at home at a certain period and refuse to accept what they believe is an unacceptable behaviour.

Not all women are comfortable enough to verbalize relational demands, but there are a few who manage to make their demands heard of.

A typical man would usually want to get hitched with a passive woman, as she would fight less often; however, they do get turned off with an agreeable woman.

That is why, certain men prefer demanding women because they enjoy being controlled.

Some men get attracted to demanding women, for they take charge of their life and are bossy.

Most of us have an assumption that being bossy is a bad and negative attribute; and we feel that way, yet don't you think being the alternative can be even worse?

So, let’s find out why demanding women are more attractive than passive women.


They Aren’t Afraid To Say What They Want

A demanding woman has no qualms in speaking what is on her mind and she does it rightfully too.

She is one kind of a woman who manages to express her opinion without having any second thoughts.


Take Charge Of Life

There are a few men who prefer their life to be ruled by demanding women. So, why is it that some men find demanding women more attractive than passive women?

Men like them since they take charge of their life by telling them what to wear, what to eat, who to be friends with, how they should cut their hair, what hairstyle suits them and also how to make love.


Are Confident

The attitude of a demanding woman is such that she does not look up to others for any kind of confirmation or approval.

Demanding women are less concerned about what others think about them, since they are more bothered about their needs and goals.


Fight Adversity

The attitude of a demanding woman is that she is able to fight through any kind of an adversity and hardship, yet she manages to emerge as a winner with a greater strength and vigour.


They Communicate Clearly

Demanding women are quite attractive to a man, as they are able to communicate their needs (what you want, or don't want in a relationship).

They are not trying to make their partner look wrong, but they prefer to be vocal with their desires and preferences.


Exude Energy

Demanding women exude energy and they are exuberant and self-assured about their life and goals.

Men find demanding women more electrifying, since their behaviour is governed by their own actions or decisions.


Set Boundaries

Demanding women are attractive than passive women as they set boundaries. Boundaries help them to set rules as well as guidelines, which directs others if they are in crisis.


Take Responsibility Of Their Own Problems

A demanding woman understands her problems and tries to take responsibility for it.

She prefers to bring changes into her life by taking requisite action. If she is not happy with life, she tends to take steps to change things around her.


Are Honest

Being demanding demonstrates directness. It shows that she is honest with people and that she doesn't beat around the bush nor expects others to read her mind about her wants and desires.

If anything is bothering her, she never hesitates to speak her mind.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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