Signs He Is Very Insecure

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An insecure boyfriend may even make you regret your relationship choice. Of course, when a relationship goes turbulent and every passing moment becomes tougher, why wouldn't any woman regret her choice?

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Well, if he is trying to dominate you all of a sudden, it could also be one of the signs he is feeling insecure. If such a trend continues, you might get tired of him.

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Yes, insecure men play games. In what way? Here are some of the qualities he may display. Read on, but don't jump into conclusions; think well before every single step in your relationship.


He Becomes Possessive

If he acts too possessive all of a sudden then instead of thinking that it is out of his love towards you, see whether there is any reason behind that.


He Tries To Dominate You

Those who feel insecure or inferior inside tend to try to cover up their inner ugliness by dominating others. Is your boyfriend doing that?


He Doubts Your Love

Is he asking you to prove your love again and again? Then he is feeling too insecure inside.


Tries To Boss Over

He tries to boss over you. He tries to command you just to see whether you obey him. That is in fact a sign of insecurity.


Blame You For His Failure

Insecure men hate to accept their failures. They throw the blame onto others and try to get away. You will be tired of such a man soon.


He Suspects You All The Time

Every single move of yours will be scrutinised. Why? He suspects you now!


He Curbs Your Freedom

Insecure men curb the freedom of women as they fear losing them to other capable men.


He Feels Jealous

Jealousy is one of the symptoms of insecurity in relationships. check whether your man is trying to mask his real character.

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