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Ways To Bond With Your Younger Brother

By A Mixed Nerve

A brother sister relationship is a special bond. In this relationship, you may fight nastily over the silliest of issues. But you cannot stay without each other for long being angry with each other. Siblings are always your first friends and even after your non-stop bickering, they are the best persons to share your joys and sorrows. Siblings are the go-to person when one feels the world is tumbling down on you.

Having a younger brother possesses a lot of challenges, especially if you are the elder sister. You do not get to share a lot of things with him. This is due to the age as well as the gender factor. Boys and girls have different sets of interests. Technology may repel you but for your brother, it is like oxygen. This is often the reason why you cannot understand the needs and requirements of your brother. So, does that mean that you two can never get along? Not necessarily, if you are willing to give it a shot.

To get along with your younger brother may look like a next to impossible thing for you. But actually, it is quite easy to build the bond with your younger brother.

Let's have a look at how to go about it.


You have to find out the common ground to talk to your younger brother. Find out about his interests. Do a little research over the topic that interests him and initiates a conversation. Ask him about the things which you may not know but he may be good at. Or ask him about his friends or if he has someone special in his life. Talking about girls always helps. All you need to do is break the ice-berg between you and him. Once you bridge this gap, everything becomes easy and you will start bonding with your younger brother.

Spend Time Together

You may be very busy with your engagements all the time. But take some time out and spend it with your younger sibling. He will also like it. You never know, even he wants to be with you but is afraid to approach you about certain things. Once you both start spending time together, he will start sharing the things that he has never shared till date.

Acceptance Is The Key

There are a lot of things which are unacceptable in many families such as body piercing, tattoos etc. Children often face a huge dilemma as to what they should opt for. As an older sister, it is your responsibility to make your brother feel good about his preferences. Be supportive of his right decisions. This will make your bond stronger.

Be Friends, Not Siblings

Siblings are always the first friends we make. Even though you may have had nasty fights but your younger brother always looks up to you for support in difficult situations. Keep your channels of communication open and clear. Don't forget the first friend you had since childhood and behave accordingly.

Makeup After The Fight

You cannot imagine a brother-sister relationship without some fights. So, even if you have just slapped him over something, you should also know how to pat him for being good. Do not keep grievances alive. If it is your fault, then learn to apologize and let bygones be bygones.

Be His Secret Keeper

Once he starts trusting you about not telling his secrets to the parents, he starts sharing his secrets with you. These secrets might be lesser known facts about him. So, become his secret keeper and it is one of the finest ways to be extremely close to your younger brother. Bonding grows stronger and becomes unbreakable for these reasons.

Be His Advisor

He will seek refuge in your guidance, once he breaks the barrier of being afraid. Give him that level of confidence where he wants to know your opinion and does accordingly. The way you and your younger brother will bond depends on the advice you provide in form of opinions and suggestion. Your bonding increases as you keep feeding your brother with positive opinions about his thoughts. Be a sister that he keeps you informed about each and everything.

Most important of all, learn to say that you care for your younger brother. These simple things matter and they take the relationship a long way. These are the ways in which you and your younger brother will bond better and will be each other's support system. This Raksha Bandhan, take a step further and better the bond with your younger brother.

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