Dump These Types Of Friends

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You do not think much while making friends. You just gel with a person who share the same thoughts with you. Their company makes you happy and they are helpful too. However, there are few friends who should be avoided. It can be their nature or behaviour that makes you think twice about the friendship. To have a good and peaceful life, you should just dump these friends now itself.

Here are the 5 types of friends who you should leave now:

Dump These Types Of Friends

A flirt: Having a flirtatious friend is acceptable to a certain extent. You can enjoy and hang out with him/her till you are single. Once you start dating someone or get married, your partner might object to your friendship with such friends. This is nothing unusual. If you stay with such friends, you will be considered the same. Moreover, after a span of time, you will feel awkward to introduce such a player to someone. Such friends are not wrong or bad as they live their life in their own terms. However, you two are in a different phases of life so it can become difficult to hang out with such flirtatious friends.

A liar: You might not know when he/she is lying to you. When you see your friend lying to someone makes you know them better. The true colours of a person and the intentions can be observed when you are a witness to something. For example, your friend is lying to his wife or a close one then he/she can do the same with you someday. We all lie but a lie that affects the trust and loyalty of a person is unacceptable.

A selfish buddy: We all are selfish in our own ways but a truly selfish person will only maintain the friendship to get their job done. If you cannot depend on your friend during your bad times, then you should dump such friends immediately.

A gossip queen: Women love gossiping but having such gossip queens in your friend list can be troublesome. Every time you will be the topic of discussion and this can also make you feel b ad. Moreover, depression and discouragement are commonly felt by people who become target of gossipers. Why get a bad name by having such friends? Dump them now to lead a peaceful life.

A lustful friend: Friends with benefits is a trend now. Friends indulge in physical love and maintain their friendship at the same time. If you are interested then you can carry your friendship forward but if your friend is just coming to you out of lust and not bothered about friendship, then leave such friends.

These are the 5 types of friends whom you should leave now. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Friday, October 26, 2012, 12:58 [IST]
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