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I Miss My Sister When..

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I Miss My Sister
Whether you have an elder sister or a younger one, you inevitably end up fighting with her all your life. Sibling fights are a common household affair that no one pays attention to. Brothers and sisters always have grievances against each other all the time. They play, fight, forget and fight again.

Inspite of all the fights, you would never deny that you love your sister. It is only after you grow up and move away you realise how much you miss your sister. Here are the few occasions in life when you truly and deeply miss your sister.

I Miss My Sister When...

  • Reach late for work because the alarm didn't ring. When your sister was around, you could never sleep after 6 because her phone would start ringing early in the morning. Then the giggling and the gossiping could hardly let you sleep. You cursed her for it but she made sure that you got to college on time. Now, there is no one to wake you playfully.
  • Want to approach a girl but don't know how. Your sister was your love guru. She gave you valuable advice regarding the types of girls and how to approach a particular type. She would even make friends with your school crush to make things easier for you. Now she is only a phone call away but it is hardly the same.
  • Someone special comes into her life. It is the most difficult thing for any brother to accept the 'new man' in his sister's life. All these years she went for her favourite movies with you, she was your date to proms and dances but now, she has found her real date. A brother loves his sister with a strong sense of possessiveness. It might seem to him that his sister is 'lost' forever once she finds her guy.
  • Don't really know her anymore. She was once your closest friend and confidant. You knew everything about her life and she knew everything about yours. But now, she is probably married and has a different life. She can hardly come crying to you for all her marital problems. On some nostalgic moments you feel like you don't really know her anymore.
  • See a Rakhi on someone's wrist. Suppose your sister is far away in some foreign country and cannot be with you to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. That is the day on which you miss your sister the most. You probably forgot all about Raksha Bandhan since she was not with you. But the moment you see a Rakhi on any guy's wrist, all the memories will come flooding back.

The moral of the story is that all brothers love their sisters and vice verse despite the sibling fights they have. When have you missed your sister the most in your life? Do share with us.

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