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Do You Have An Annoying Friend?

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Annoying Friend
Sometimes you might find some of your friends to be very annoying. It is very difficult to deal with an annoying friend, but all the more difficult to get rid of them. All your friends definitely cannot be pleasing. But if your friend annoys you more than making you happy then its time for you to take a call. It is better to get rid of an annoying friend without hurting them too much.

Here we suggest you some ways to get rid of an annoying friend:

Start Avoiding- The best way to get rid of an annoying friend who annoys you either knowingly or unknowingly is by simply avoiding him/her. Do not give any reactions when they are talking and they will start feeling that you are not interested in their talks. If you are sitting in a group, leave the place with your other friends. Probably they will find someone else to annoy this time.

Start Annoying- Even people who annoy others hate to get annoyed. As a friend you are aware of all their dislikes. Capitalise on it and start annoying them with those. Make sarcastic remarks and give an expression of being bored by their useless blabbing.

Do Not Pay Bills- If your friend is trying to capitalise then its time that you give back the same. You should get rid of such friends. Go to a nice place for a treat and make sure that he/she has money to pay for it. Repeat this 3-4 times and your annoying friend will start avoiding you thereafter.

Share Your Feelings-Tell your annoying friend what exactly you feel about him/her. They might just understand and change the way they behave. They need not necessarily be a bad friend and might really care for you. This way you can still retain your friendship and even start valuing it with time.

Say You Are Not Interested- If nothing seems to work then say what you feel on the face of your friend who is very annoying. Say that you are not interested in being friends anymore as you find their company irritating. Well it might hurt a bit, but will definitely work out.

It is better to lose friends who are annoying rather than cope with their indiscretions and feel frustrated. If by chance you have one such friend, get rid of them by following these easy ways.

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