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Ways To Get Along With Elder Brother

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Rakhi is an auspicious festival for siblings. The emotional bond of love is strengthened with the knot of a rakhi thread. Sisters have a very special relationship with their brothers. But, if you have an elder brother, you may not be very comfortable with him. You would be reserved and not be able to open up in front of him. When you have a younger brother, you are prevail over him most of the time. Why this different approach for an older brother? All brothers are protective so, it doesn't matter if you have a younger or elder brother! If you find it difficult to get along with your elder brother, here are few tips for you to come closer to your big bro this Rakhi.

Get Along With Elder Brother

Tips to get along with elder brother:

Do not be scared: Why are you scared to approach your elder brother? If you do not want to talk to a sibling who is strict or over-protective, then you are wrong. As an elder sibling, he needs to care for you. Do not be scared of your brother. It is his responsibility to stop you if you are going on the wrong path. If you go and talk to him, he would never get angry at you for no reason. So, just relax and do not hesitate to go to him. Being scared will only increase the gap.

Help him: He might not ask for help but you have to help him. These little favours or helping hands will definitely tie the bonds with your elder brother. Help him out if he is working all alone. For example, if he is busy cleaning his car or cycle, go and help him clean his vehicle.

Never to show anger: Do not forget that he is elder to you. Elder brothers have all the rights to scold you or yell at you. He will not scold you for no reason. If you commit a mistake, only then you would be punished. If you want to get along with your elder brother, you have to give him the respect that he deserves.

Don't ignore or be too much with him: Men want their space. Intruding in his personal life or staying too far away will only take you away from bonding with him. In short, do not ignore him if you two are in the house at the same time and do not stick to him just to get along with him. Give him the required space and see how happily you two will share your sibling bond.

Ask him: As he is elder to you, you should not hesitate to ask him before doing something. For example, if you are going out, inform him and seek his approval beforehand. This way, he will feel important and this will also help you two develop a good sibling relationship.

These are few ways to get along with your elder brother. To make this Rakhi special, start gelling with him and see how amazed you would be to see the real side of your elder sibling!

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