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How To Deal With Protective Parents

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All parents are protective of their children. Its just that some are more while with others it is manageable. But before you deal with parents in this issue you should first understand the cause of their worry. Either they don't trust you or they think that you are too innocent to deal with the outside world. Parents are never mean, for whatever they do is for your good. Let us see a few ways of dealing with protective parents.

Butter The Lenient One- Well one of your parents must definitely be a bit more lenient than the other one. Deal your parents separately. Well if you are a girl then convince your father and if a boy convince your mother of your problems. Every one needs freedom. So if you want to go for a movie or a party with your friends then simply deal with your parents by giving logical explanations. And if you are still not convinced use the emotional tool. Trust me, it always works.

Protective Parents

Build A Trust- Your parents might sometimes turn over protective because of many reasons. They either think that if you are given freedom you will misuse it or your friends will take advantage of you. It becomes really difficult to deal with parents when they consider you to be more innocent than you really are. So first assure them that you are smart enough to come out of any awkward situation without being harmed. Do small things to convince them. For example, keep your room clean and tidy to prove to them that you have sense of responsibility.

Be Careful With Things- You have to be very careful with things if your parents are over protective. Always keep your personal things like magazines. letter, CDs etc. in a drawer and keep it locked. And in case your protective parents haven't even allotted you a drawer with a lock and key then its better to keep any such kind of thing at your friend's place. Any thing that will be an indication of your growing maturity will be disliked by your parents and they will turn all the more protective.

Good In Academics- Deal with parents in a smart way. Nothing will give them more satisfaction than you scoring good marks in your exams. Give them the assurance that no matter what you do, you will always bring good results in the academics. This is one of the best ways to deal with protective parents who are not willing to give you freedom.

Handle your protective parents with these easy and smart ways to earn more freedom from them.

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