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What Men Hate In Women

By Super Admin

In every relationship, men prefer their women to be the perfect mate for them. Men on one hand love to see their women be the best in their life and a great partner too.

Men and women differences are always a problem, therefore in a relationship one has to compromise. What men want is an frequent question that most women want to know about. Men hate a lot of things in their women and to make a relationship successful, men need to tell their woman what men hate and like.


Here are a few things men hate and in turn what do guys want.

1. Shopping -We all agree that men adore women, but there are certain facts in women which irritate their man. The most common aspect of a woman that men hate is shopping. On one hand women love to shop and this drives a man mad. It is said that things guys hate, is shopping with women for their list never ends and it gets irritating by the minute.

2. Emotions –Women are the emotional gender. Things guys hate to see is that their woman sobbing during a film and getting very emotional for petty reasons. In mostly all relationships, the woman tends to cry even for a fight and this really turns the man off.

3. Jealousy –Women are more prone to getting jealous for almost every reason. What do guys want in a relationship is for their woman to trust them and know that they are safe and secure.


4. Criticism –What men hate is their woman criticising another woman. It is a known fact that men do not look for a woman who dresses well or by the fashion trends they keep up with, they just do not like their woman comparing themselves with other females. What do guys want is for their woman to be unique and special.

5. Space -In a relationship, there should be space for the two of you to grow indiviually. What men hate is that their woman wants to be with their man all the time thus talking away a man's private life which is not good.

These are some of the things guys hate in a woman. Dating is a good experience but men should not get too choosy as no one is perfect and compromising in a relationship is essential.

Story first published: Monday, November 22, 2010, 12:58 [IST]
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