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Top Pickle Recipes | Aam Achaar Day Special | Achaar Recipes

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Today, we are celebrating the "aam achaar day" nationwide! Our love for the raw-mango pickle is well known. Be it khatta or mitha (sweet or sour), you say aam achaar and we are in! But unfortunately, after growing up, pickles became a nostalgia, as many of us do not get to taste these tangy delights anymore. Hence, allow us to share our favourite top pickle recipes, with which our tastebuds will get to relive the childhood, if not us!

Pickles surprise us with their exceptional texture and unique emblem of taste! An array of spices are put together and it complements each other so beautifully! Though making a pickle takes a lot of time, but we believe the slow process is the key to make it so tasty! The process, though time-consuming, is not complex at all. All you need is a bit of your time to sun-dry the ingredients and soak them in the exotic fusion of the spices a day later.

There are a couple of things that we need to follow while making a pickle. Firstly, the pickles are preserved for days without any use of an external preservative, so make sure that all of your jars are air-tight and squeaky clean. Plus, allow it enough time in the sun to make sure that it is ready to go in the jars and make your every meal fun with its stunning presence and rustic flavours!

To know how to make these tasty pickles, go through our list of top pickle recipes and let us know which pickle should we try next.

1)Raw Mango Pickle Recipe: How To Make Raw Mango Condiment

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3)Hari Mirch Ka Achaar Recipe: How To Prepare Green Chilli Pickle

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