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Top Mom Approved Recipes| Mothers’ Day Special Recipes

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Food and mothers have the most intimate relationship as we learn to feed ourselves from our mothers! To make Mothers' day more special for all of our mothers out there, let us cook some of the recipes which will surely be mom-approved and cherish the day with our mothers.

What's your plan for the upcoming mothers day?

For Mothers' day special recipes, we have gone back to the roots and chose recipes which are the best of what we call "comfort food". Dishes which have the aroma of the our mothers' kitchen and taste like our best of the childhood memories.

While growing up, we all had a love-hate relationship with our mom cooked veggies, didn't we? But now that we have grown up and begun to understand the value of mom cooked recipes, how we love to go back to that delicious plate of dahi-bhindi or rice kheer just one more time!

Moms know the best when it comes to food! So, they have always cooked recipes which will be the fusion of health and taste, which will nourish us internally while being toothsome for our taste buds. Afterall, for a lazy Sunday breakfast, can anything beat mom special breakfast dishes, be it luchi alur dom or puri?

So, this mother's day, lets cook some delicious summer recipes which will be mom approved and make your mother's' day a little more special.

To know all of our top mom approved recipes, scroll down below and tell us what are you making for your mother this sunday?

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1)Luchi Aloor Dum Recipe: How To Make Bengali-style Poori And Dum Aloo

Don’t know about the rest of India, but for bengali mothers, luchi alur dom is the ultimate breakfast staple! Crispy luchis paired with an utterly tasty alur dom, this recipe will get you hooked from the very first try itself.

2)Dal Makhani Recipe | Punjabi Dal Makhani Recipe | Easy Dal Makhani Recipe

Growing up, not all of liked dal recipes but we could never say no this sunday special dal makhani recipe ever! Cooked in slow flame, laced by aromatic Indian spices, this recipe has our heart as the best dal recipe we ever had!

3)Paneer Capsicum Sabzi Recipe: How To Prepare Paneer And Shimla Mirch Masala

We hated veggies as kids, now we opt for salad bowls rather than anything else! This paneer capsicum sabji recipe will remind you of your childhood days anbd you can prepare this easily for your mother as well!

4)Dahi Bhindi: How To Make Okra Yogurt Gravy Recipe

I will simply not get why mothers love bhindi and curd so much! Nonetheless, this yummy recipe has made me believe even healthiest of recipes can be super tasty as well!

5)Rice Kheer Recipe: How To Make Chawal Ki Kheer

For Indians, birthdays are incomplete without mom’s rice kheer. This mother’s day, let’s cook this traditional kheer recipe for our mothers.

6)Apple Rabdi Recipe | How To Make Apple Kheer | Seb Rabdi Recipe

We love this delicious dessert as it a perfect amalgamation of fruity delights, laced with cardamom and based on milk. Make this for your mother and she will be proud of you for sure!

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Story first published: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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