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Top Low Calorie Dessert Recipes | Indian Dessert Recipes | Healthy Dessert Recipes

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Any sweet-tooth out here? Isn't dessert just another synonym of happiness? There's nothing a tasty bowl of dessert can not fix. From rice puddings to our favourite Sandesh or halwa, our Indian cuisine is rich with various dessert recipes ranging from North to South. But which ones of them can be called low-calorie desserts?

Our eternal craving for desserts is never-ending and we believe summer is the perfect time to indulge in light airy desserts, soft creamy textured chilled Indian delicacies, apt for a quiet summer evening as the best accompaniment with a book or your favourite show. Best part, you can refrigerate these desserts for days in an air-tight container, so that whenever you experience cravings for something sweet, happy delights are just one scoop away.

Indian dessert recipes stay close to our heart for being so variant and refreshing at the same time. We can add on our favourite fruits to these recipes accordingly and the end result will be a beautiful emblem of creaminess with a crunch from the dry fruits or the freshness of seasonal fruits.

For summers, we love our apple rabdi or dry fruit kheer recipes. These easy to prepare desserts will hardly take any time of yours but cater to you a bowlful of happiness, thrown in together in a milky dessert that you can not have enough of.

For the sunny days of summer, nothing can beat sweet the flatbread recipes or our rice-pudding recipes which will lend you more happiness and less calories at the same time. Our sweet flatbread recipes like Puran Poli or Shenga Holige with its crispy outer layer and a sweet tinged yummy filling will give you enough reasons to come back to this as a perfect snack on bread recipe.

In case, you like sweets or desserts in a sturdy form or a baked form, we have got something for you too! Try our Sandesh or Tambittu recipe, which is low in calorie, and yet oh-so-tasty!

To know how to prepare these delicious dessert recipes, scroll down and click on our top low calorie dessert recipes. Let us know which dessert recipe should we try next.

1)Apple Rabdi Recipe | How To Make Apple Kheer | Seb Rabdi Recipe

2)Dry Fruit Kheer Recipe | Baisakhi Special Sweet Recipe | Vishu Special Recipes

3)Shenga Holige Recipe | How To Make Peanut Poli | Shenga Poli Recipe | Peanut Obatu Recipe

4)Kayi Holige Recipe | Nariyal Puran Poli Recipe | Kobbari Obbattu Recipe

5)Sandesh Recipe: How To Make Bengali Sondesh At Home

6)Tambittu Recipe | How To Make Roasted Gram Dal Laddu | Hurigadale Tambittu Recipe

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