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Top Detox Recipes | A Guide To A Complete Dietary Detox

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How healthy is your daily food intake? Do you feel the need to cleanse your health once in a while? Do you think that going on a detox diet essentially means staying on juices all day?

A dietary detox is a must have once in a while, especially for people like us who lead a sedentary lifestyle or indulge in a number of unhealthy foods on a daily basis. Much contradictory to a popular notion, a dietary detox does not necessarily imply a juice cleanse or starving with minimum food for an entire week.

Detox recipes ideally help you to get rid of the existent toxin in your body and provide you with an array of nutrients, and they load you up with vitamins, fibers, minerals, etc., to give you a fresh start and a healthy system.

So, what happens when we go on a dietary detox diet?

Dietary detox recipes will be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, packed with nutrients. So, once you initiate making meals out of these fresh veggies and fruits, you are eliminating unhealthy junk and by indulging in meals full of fiber, you will be full for a long time, which will prevent you from over-eating. Vitamins and minerals, along with carbs and protein, will nourish you without increasing fat in your body.

What Should You Eat?

Our top detox recipes will guide you through a whole day meal and what should you eat and avoid on a daily basis. For breakfast recipes, cut down on breads and baked food, instead add a fresh bowl of fruits or fresh smoothies, which will keep you full, as they are high in fibers. For a sumptuous lunch, throw fresh veggies in a curry or add whole grains like bajra or rajgira, as they are great to keep your cholesterol count low. Instead of going for heavy meals, divide your daily food intake into 4-5 small servings. This way, your digestive system will work faster along with ensuring that you are acquiring the right calorie count.

What Should You Avoid?

While being on a dietary detox, we will highly recommend you to only adopt whole grains, high carb food, fresh veggies and fruits, which will help you to detox your body. Instead of always searching for "low-calorie" food, just trust seasonal produces of veggies and fruits and you will be able to notice the difference as soon as you start your detox days.

Probiotics :

Indulging in foods which are high in probiotics is considered a necessary part of the detox recipes. Indulge in foods like dosa, dhokla or idli, as they are rich in probiotics and will make sure to keep your body healthy.

To see our top detox recipes, scroll down and quickly check the list and tell us which ones turn out to be the tastiest.

1)Carrot Apple Smoothie Recipe | Carrot Apple Glowing Juice Recipe | Summer Special Smoothie Recipe

2)Green Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Healthy Smoothie Recipe| Detox Green Smoothie Recipe |

3)Cucumber Banana Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Smoothie Recipe | Cucumber Banana Juice Recipe

4)How To Make Bajra Khichdi, A Low Calorie, Recipe

5)Dahi Bhindi: How To Make Okra Yogurt Gravy Recipe

6)Kadalebele Usli Recipe | Kadlebele Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Sundal Recipe

7)Rajgira Poori Recipe | Navratri Special Rajgire Puri Recipe | Navratri Vrat Recipes

8)Sprouts Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Moong Dal Dhokla

9)Rava Dosa Recipe | How To Make Crispy Rava Dosa | Suji Ke Dosa

10)Vegetable Dosa Recipe | Vegetable Uthappam Recipe

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