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Secrets To Make Your Toddler Smarter


Parenting is one of the greatest challenging jobs. The experiences and training that a toddler receives has great role in determining the emotional and intellectual growth of the child. It is important to have a proper planning to make toddler smarter.

The good news for all those curious parents is that you can have significant influence in determining the brain power development of your toddler. Be smart in playing your part well as an observer and as a provider to make your toddler intelligent. But, make sure that you are not forcing your toddler to take extra pressure.

You have to take time in understanding the likes and dislikes of your toddler, direct them in the correct track and train them efficiently. Here are some effective and easy ideas that will help you make toddler smarter.


Healthy food

Start healthy food habits from your home itself. Prefer healthy foods that can contribute to the health and well-being of your toddler. Completely avoid junk foods, canned foods or any other processed foods.


Physical activities

Never ever allow your toddler to be a couch potato. Let them go out and play games that demand some physical exertion. A healthy body is the most important factor the determines the overall well-being of your toddler.


Respect their curiosity

Toddlers are at an age when they have curiosity to know about anything and everything. If you are trying hard to make toddler smarter, you should be interested in answering their little doubts with importance.


Social mingling

If you want to make toddler smarter, you should never overlook the importance of social mingling. Allow your toddler to mingle with others. The most practical way to make this possible is to let your toddler play with other children of the same age group.


Watch punishments

Toddlers are not at an age to connect the links of their deeds and your punishments. Remember this while you think of punishing your toddler. Avoid physical punishments at any cost.


Bedtime story

There is no need to think whether they will understand what you tell. Make bedtime story a routine and one day, they will surprise you by responding to it. This is the most effective idea to make your toddler intelligent by designing their capacity for imagination.


Brain games

Introduce games that demand concentration and cognitive skills. This is the best thing that you can do to make your toddler intelligent. But, make sure that the games that you offer is something that matches with their age.


Make a creative space

Find out and encourage the natural creativity of your toddler. It is not necessary to craft something creative, but it is all about the natural curiosity and creativity that makes toddler learn their surroundings.


Be patient

Don't think that you can make a change overnight. Raising a smarter toddler demands a lot of patience from your side. Be constant on your plan and definitely, you will end up with excellent results.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 29, 2014, 16:08 [IST]
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