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Tips For Boosting Toddler's Speech Development

By Super

You will be excited to enjoy the way that your toddler is picking up new words to their vocabulary. Toddlers learn new words in an astonishing fast rate. But, certain toddlers may not be up to the mark in speech development in this modern lifestyle where they are a part of an already small nuclear family. Using certain tips can be very useful in boosting toddler's speech development.

Proper speech development is important for toddlers to use new words and to combine them to form sentences. If your toddler is not talking even after 2 years, they should be given special attention and check up from a pediatrician. Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can apply for boosting toddler's speech development.

Be talkative: If you are into a fast and furious nuclear family, you have to take up more responsibilities in boosting toddler's speech development. Don't hesitate to talk to your toddler thinking that they will not understand what you tell. Talk to them often and encourage them to respond back.

Narrate: If you feel confused what to talk to your toddler, the best way is to narrate whatever you are doing. For example, you may tell' mamma is going to wash these plates and will come to play with you'. Along with narration encourage your toddler to repeat any words from that.

Sing a rhyme: If you are looking forward for the simplest idea for boosting toddler's speech development, then singing rhymes will be the best option. Sing any particular rhyme to your toddler not now and then, but always and every time. Your toddler will surprise you by repeating the words within a short time.

Listen to them: Listening to your toddler is very important for boosting toddler's speech development. Try to recognise the sounds what they are trying to make.For example if they say ‘ma', you can mould that to ‘mamma'. This technique will be easier than forcing them to repeat what you are teaching.

No baby talks: Remember that baby talks are not for adults. Using appropriate words with correct pronunciation is very important in boosting toddler's speech development. Otherwise, your toddler will not understand the exact word and they will not try to tell it correctly.

Outing often: Going for an outing will be the best idea for boosting toddler's speech development. It will give them chance to get connected with others of all age groups. An outing will definitely encourage them to talk and this will help in boosting toddler's speech development.

Be descriptive: Try to explain on everything that comes around your toddler. For example, instead of introducing a pen simply with its name, try to explain it like ‘this is a pen and we will use this for writing'. This will help in boosting toddler's speech development as they will come across more words.

Try these simple tips for boosting toddler's speech development and have fun listening to your toddler's new vocabulary.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 8:04 [IST]
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