Top 4 Toddlers Excuses For Missing School

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Toddler School Excuses
Sending toddlers to school is huge struggle if they do not don't like it particularly. The reasons may be many; they feel insecure in school or do not want to wake up early in the morning and a thousand other psychological issues. The school missing excuses that your little ones make can be frustrating and even annoying at times but more than anything else they are really funny. Not going to school is not an option but you can definitely laugh about toddler's school dramas instead of getting worked up about them.

Here are the 4 most famous excuses with which toddlers avoid school.

Top 4 Missing School Excuses:

1. 'I have a stomachache/headache/ leg ache/ back ache/ tooth ache Mommy!'
This is the oldest excuse in the book and toddlers use it all the time. It is so popular in spite of being so overused because it always works. Parents always fall for this school excuse and it is the their best bet. Kids realise early in life that they have a huge emotional advantage over their parents if they can fake illness. It is not being suggested that your child cannot be genuinely sick but if this ache business is happening on a regular basis then you better be watchful.

2. 'I am scared of my teacher. She scolds me all the time.'
Now the first instinct of any parent is to get perturbed by this statement, especially with the number of child abuse cases that happen now a days. Yes, you should be perturbed and investigate the matter immediately. You can even change schools if required. However, remember this can also be a trick in the book of your toddler's school saga.

3. 'I don't have any friends in school.'
Well then make some. This is a new addition to list of excuses for not going to school; thanks to a new generation of hypersensitive parents. Parents these days are usually working and can't afford to give all the time to their children. So they get all the more worked up if their kids are not getting along in school. The kids know that this will soften the hearts of their already guilty parents and so they use their trump card. Making friends in school is your toddlers responsibility. Let him or her face it instead of mollycoddling them.

4. 'I am too sleepy to go to school. My eyes are burning.'
The answer to this excuse is a whack on the butt and a splash of cold water. It is your duty to put your child to sleep on time at night. If he or she has had 8 hours of sleep then there is no reason you should feel bad about sending them to school. However if you fail to maintain regular bed timing then the child will be naturally tired and toddler tantrums then cannot be called unjustified.

Use these parenting tips to send your toddler to school inspite of these excuses.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2011, 12:01 [IST]
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