Toddler Hair Care: Treating Dandruff Problems

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Toddler Hair Care
Apart from lice, another common problem that kids and nowadays even toddlers suffer is the dandruff problem. The parents can actually spread the scalp infection to their children and treating becomes a difficulty as the harsh anti dandruff shampoos (manufactured for adults) cannot be used on kids hair.

Not oiling hair frequently, using the pillows and cushions of those who have dandruff, scratching dry scalp often and malnutrition can all lead to dandruff problems so toddler hair care is definitely a concern. Some natural home remedies can treat dandruff without harming hair or scalp. Take a look to know how to keep away this dryness in scalp.

Treating Dandruff In Toddlers

1. One of the best ways to keep scalp clean and clear is by oiling hair (massaging scalp) before bath. Dandruff is generally caused due to dryness in scalp and oil treats this problem. Do not wash scalp too much with shampoos as it may make the scalp dry again. Prefer herbal or oil based shampoos.

2. Massaging scalp with curd and fenugreek will not only treat the flaky scalp but also kill the bacteria causing infection. Curd soothes scalp and is absolutely chemical free.

3. There are anti dandruff shampoos available for toddlers in store so using them is also not a bad idea. Never experiment too strong shampoos (the brands that adults use) on toddler hair as it may affect the hair growth.

4. For ring worm and fungal infection, it is best to seek the doctor's advice as he may suggest a cream that can cure within a few days. Neem oil is the best home remedy for fungal infection.

5. Combing hair after oil massage will improve blood circulation and help in healthy hair growth. Do not plat toddler hair too tight as it may loosen the roots of the hair.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2011, 11:52 [IST]
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