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Potty Train Your Kid Soon

When your child reaches a certain age, he or she has to be potty trained and it"s only you as a parent can teach them. In some of the cases, Toilet or Potty training can be challenging for some of the children and a snap to others. It"s this part of the child"s life where Potty training demands consistency on the part of the parents and observant vigilance.

Here are some of the ways where your child can be potty trained by you:-

· Make sure that your child knows that you are not going to give up on teaching him or her to use the potty. There will be accidents where your child will mess his or her pants, encourage the child that these things are bound to happen and during the course of time they will get better at it and will become potty friendly.

· For the first couple of days when your baby is at home with you, put on small shorts or a dress so that they will find it easy to go sit on the potty. Usually these kids cannot control their bowels for they are so used to the diapers; they tend to make accidents in their pants.

· Keep the potty in rooms where your child is. You can do this for sometime till your child gets used to controlling his bowels. After he has learnt to do so, place the potty in the bathroom so that they know now where it is and where to do this kind of job.

· If you notice that your child is having a lot of accidents, then its best for you to sit him on the potty for a couple of minutes in between hours till he or she is done with the task.

· Make it a point to act like a child when he visits the potty. You can do several things to encourage the child to like the use of the potty. Clap your hands, smile, praise the child and pat him gently on the back saying that they have done a good job. In this way it will build up his self esteem and boost his confidence.

· When the child slowly grasps the potty training method, smile broadly, clap your hands and praise the child. When they have done it by themselves, they would come up to you and share the good news and want to gain attention from you.

When you know that your child is quite confident about using the potty, the first thing you should do is to motivate him. But remember to use diapers in the night till they are well experienced in controlling their bladders and their bowels.

Story first published: Saturday, August 7, 2010, 10:29 [IST]
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