What Is Orgasmic Childbirth?

Every woman would surely agree on the fact that the most privileged experience for her is bringing a new life into this world. Going through the process of labour and giving birth is indeed joyful.

Childbirth is a dual experience that comprises of joy as well as hardships. You would have come across something known as orgasmic childbirth, but do you know what it exactly is, or to be precise, what it exactly feels like to undergo one?

Is masturbating during labour wrong for you and your baby? Does having an orgasm during labour soothe and relax your body?

Read on to know more about orgasmic childbirth and how opting for this can turn your delivery into a much deserved blissful moment.

What is orgasmic childbirth

What Is Orgasmic Birth?

Labour has always been associated with words such as extreme pain, hours of contractions and agony. But, what if you are able to turn the birthing moments into an ecstatic one? You can definitely make labours pleasurable by having an orgasmic childbirth.

When you are just about to deliver, the hormone oxytocin is released in large amounts. This happens so that there is minimal blood loss when the placenta is delivered. High levels of oxytocin are experienced by a woman when she gives birth or breastfeeds, and also during an orgasm.

Hence, oxytocin is also referred to as the "love hormone". When delivering a baby, the woman can reach a highly emotional state; blame it to the surge in the levels of oxytocin in her body. It is likely that the woman feels the same, as she would during a sexual orgasm, which is also a result of the same hormone.

Achieving An Orgasmic Birth

Birth and sexual orgasm happens under the same conditions, all thanks to the "love hormone". Oxytocin level increases when you share private moments with your partner, away from the crowd, hence it is sometimes also referred to as the "shy hormone".

Oxytocin levels are down under bright lights. It increases when you are under dim lights. So, the main idea of having an orgasmic birth is by being relaxed and without any disturbance. If you are in a hospital setting, with several doctors and nurses surrounding you, then choosing to masturbate or getting intimate with your partner will be quite a challenge.

So, choose the set-up wisely. If you choose an orgasmic birth, inform your doctor or midwife well in advance and seek their suggestions on this as well.

What is orgasmic childbirth

Going Beyond The Stigmas With Orgasmic Birth

In spite of being a controversial topic for many, orgasmic childbirth, also referred to as ecstatic childbirth, is something that every woman who has or will experience childbirth should be aware of.

There are several stigmas associated with how a woman can experience orgasm while birthing, well, she can, and definitely in a very pleasurable manner. Masturbating during labour can actually make your labour shorter and surely an enjoyable moment with your partner.

According to various studies, orgasmic childbirth is experienced by only 0.3 percent of women globally. Considering the low count, it can be assumed that people around the world still consider it to be a taboo.

Is Preferring Orgasmic Childbirth A Taboo?

Nothing can be said to or done with people who have already set their minds accordingly. But, when it is you who undergoes the moments of labour, why not make it soothing and have the process of birthing your way.

Do not give in to the mindsets that you have been observing since you were a kid. Times have changed and with sheer belief in yourself, you can definitely choose birthing the way you find it to be the best.

Orgasmic birth doesn't necessarily mean that the woman needs to reach the peak of orgasm. It is basically an idea that supports the fact that labour can surely be a pleasurable experience if the path of orgasmic childbirth is chosen.

Last, but not the least, it all sums down to your comfort level. It is you who will need to make the decision whether your pregnant body would need an immediate medical attention when in labour or if you can afford to spend some pleasurable, private moments till you reach the peak of contractions and your body is ready to deliver. All orgasms are not the same. So, let your body decide and go with the flow.

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